Live Laugh Love Wall Decor DIY

I had posted this a LONG time ago before my who blog got hacked, attacked and deleted last year.  So stressful to loose everything and having to start all over again!  Luckily for Pinterest, my photos from my blog were still loaded but you couldn’t get to my website!

This post was still uploaded on Pinterest and it’s still “pinning” as we speak!  I want to share once again how I did this so you can see how I did this…super easy and budget friendly!

live-laugh-love-resizeThe reason I call this budget friendly is these frames are from Wal-Mart which  I bought for a total of $10 they were black and spray painted them pewter which is one of my fav colors in spray paint.

You can do this at home, just simply take pictures of your kiddos that resemble the words “live, laugh and love.”

live-laugh-#2Once I printed the pics out at home, then I found the words at Michael’s and then spray painted them brown.  Once they were dry I then found the one wall in my house that I didn’t have a whole lot of decor on and then I posted the words above the picture.  I have had it in every house we have lived in since WA so I have it two different ways.
live laugh love

Live-laugh-#1It’s def super easy and I get compliments on it every time people come to visit!  I just love home decor that is with family photos.

Snowman Soup Gift Idea

Yesterday, Harrison had his classroom Christmas party.

Snowman post #2

They allowed parents to come, so I def didn’t hesitate to attend his first ever classroom party!

I brainstormed what to do for his classmates as a gift.  I decided to do “Snowman Soup!”  It’s basically cocoa with marshmallows.  Cocoa is Harrison’s favorite, which felt more meant to be to do this gift!


It was not only a fun project to make but also budget friendly!!!  I spent LESS than $30…not too shabby huh

Snowman post11

Snowman-Post#3I love sticking with the theme, so I bought 20 ceramic cocoa mugs from the Dollar Tree.  Also from the Dollar Tree, they had the candy cane stirring sticks, 10 in a package for $2.  I bought the cocoa from Walmart that came in a large scoopable tin that made 28 servings for $3.  Then I got the Great Value brand bag marshmallows that were 96 cents a piece.

The tags i designed myself on Pic Monkey and Photoshop.  I already had the white and glitter card stock and ribbon in my craft box

snowman FINAL tagsnowman-post#4

I already had the white and glitter card stock in my craft box so that was no added expense here.

I used to sandwich Ziploc bags to put the cocoa, marshmallows and peppermint stick in to hold the serving and sat it in the cup


The outer wrapping are just clear gift bags you can get for $1 at Walmart

Even though I only paid $30 seeing the looks on the children’s faces when me and Harrison gave the Snowman Soups to the kiddos was pretty priceless!!!


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